Wind Turbine

These are wind turbines, I have 2 separate locations,

A) 18 no Vestas 1.8mw each,
B) 176 Siemens at 2.3 mw each.
All installed and operational.
Price $185,000 USD each, as is where is.
All operational, records available. I can offer assistance through a third party to dismantle, overhaul ( if required) transport, install, warranty etc, or any combination that works.
This is part of a much larger project  decommission some late model coal plants.

We have a very limited time frame to work with these as the site must be cleared within contractual agreements.

If you have any interest in this equipment please advise

 Attached specs on the 1.8mw Vestas units.
This is all I have at this point. We only have a short window on these, as I mentioned the contract is to clear the site. Having said that, if there is genuine interest and inspections take place then I can get it extended for a reasonable time to allow due diligence.
As I mentioned previously, I do know of a European company specializing in this specific machine. They are willing to offer assistance at any level from dismantling through to commissioning if required.
These machines are available for $185,000.00 USD each “as is where is”. As far as I am aware all are in good working order. Built in the early 2000’s.
All records etc are at site, available during inspection, Tennessee, USA.
I do not yet have the specs on the Siemens units until the contract is finalized, probably later this week.
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