Business ideas if any want to do

List of business ideas if any want to do

If anyone wants to do I give more information


0.- Installation in the cities of a renewable energy plant
and sell the energy to municipalities and then to citizens cheaper than current companies

0-1.- renewable energy
0-2.- electromagnetism energies
0-3.- floating energy
0-4.- Waste to energy
1.- There are universities researching to extend life, I would like to help or set up a research center

The most recent research deals with telomeres and telomerase.
They talk about how they have managed to extend the life of mice up to 140 years (compared to humans).

Luxury homes for the elderly to use life-prolonging treatments
Products el ormus and monoatomic gold

2.- Research and development of alternative medicine

MMS (chlorine dioxide)

3.- New wind turbine design and other designs

4.- New energy storage system for any power plant
and where a product is manufactured which can operate a gas turbine, steam turbine and generator
-Similar to hydrogen (not hydrogen)
-If the cost of energy is $ 50 per MW, the cost of this product would be $ 35 per thousand liters = $ 0.035 / liter
-Energy produced would be approximately 50% of gasoline and diesel

5.-I would like to cultivate the desert, it is possible
5.1.- We have technology to make fertile deserts for cultivation
5.2.- Sowing giant sorghum
5.3.- Greenhouse with solar panels on the roof.
Sowing in the Sahara desert

6.- Make refreshing drink good for health, for example with the stevia plant

7.-Manufacture of biodegradable containers.

8.- Recycling and installation of energy waste plants in all cities of the world.
Without polluting emissions and without converting CO2 into fuel, there is technology to do it with low cost to put in all the cities of the world

9.- Convert the CO2 from thermoelectric plants into Fuel and Graphene at whatever price and the properties it has for many processes in the industry. I think it would be more profitable than the power plants themselves.
(I have some ideas on the way forward, needs research)

10.- It is possible to transmute matter.
You can change a material element into another element
for example
– Silver, graphite in gold.
– Possible use in the recycling of radioactive waste.
There is technology to do that

11.- Reduce CO2 and toxins in power plants by separating them into their elements with voltice systems

12.- There is a new design for a more efficient and economical turbine to produce energy to replace current gas turbines. I am looking for funds for research and manufacturing.

13.- Making compost with sea water is very efficient and economical, easy to do

14.-System to produce more Mw in hydroelectric plants, make them more efficient.

15.- Power and recharge batteries with moving car and electric buses with a single cable on the road (no magnetic induction)
electrical transmission with a single conductor cable
Only use a conductor on the road with electricity that is not dangerous for anyone who touches it

16.- Create a website for the sale of raw materials, etc.

17.- Create a business for buying and selling raw materials.

18.- Associate with mine owners seeking investment

19.- Create industrial foundries and manufacture mining products

20.- Create a company for the installation of renewable energies.

20.1.- Use the swamps for solar plants,
decrease evaporation

20.2.- Make greenhouses with solar panels on the roof

21.- Create a company to make business plans to offer investors.

22.- Create a company of black eagles, blue zim, etc.

23.- I receive regular offers from refineries
To begin with, I would like to buy a second-hand or low-priced modular.

24.- Make a plastic factory in synthetic diesel.

25.-Make a straw and biomass factory in synthetic diesel
This is possible, there are facilities that operate in the world

25.- Convert the coal plants that in the coming years will close the world into biomass and waste into energy.

26.-I want to build luxury developments in each country with this Gaudi style. Search the web for “Gaudi images”

27.- Make an electric generator much more efficient than those on the market

28.-Today children do not play in the street, they only play with video consoles
I want all children to know group games
I have made a list of these games

29.- Organize a database with all the suppliers and buyers in the world

30.- Use surplus energy from wind and photovoltaic to produce hydrogen or other systems to store energy

31.- There is a system to improve efficiency and reduce pollution in internal combustion engines, cars and generators
32.- Factory of masks and gloves

33.- Manufacture power plants with a flotation system, it is a new renewable energy in the market

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