We are  an international organization with over 30 years of experience in procurement  systems   in power generation across the world.

In   Sell  Energy we are  focused mainly of  procurement  solutions in Power Generation . With  his  own staff  and   with the  association  with another groups  we can provide a   wide  spectrum of  solutions  worldwide. We will assist developing markets to achieve their needs in  power  generation

SELL ENERGY  is capable of designing, engineering, implementing solutions for a power generation facility. From the concept stage of the project, our services will be invaluable to our customers as we guide them and help them to avoid the pitfalls of selection of equipment and ultimate functionality. In our NEEDS EVALUATION processes, all ideas will emerge as the desired solution that will meet the needs of all parties involved. Whether the power solution is for industrial or institutional use, care is given to integrate all the functions to meet the needs from an engineering viewpoint as well as architectural. Our engineering capabilities are also evident in the ENERGY CONSERVATION area, since we seek truly GREEN SOLUTIONS for our customers with the latest technologies available that have met SELL ENERGY ‘S critical durability tests and return on investment criteria. As an engineering department we pride ourselves on viable solutions that will withstand the test of time and use!

AS part of the PROCUREMENT SERVICES offered, SELL ENERGY  can also extend its services to include full implementation and construction on site. As construction schedules and specifications are drawn, all of the services provided will meet the stringent construction standards required to bring about the successful and timely completion of the project. Knowing that certain services can be obtained locally at the site premises, the use of local contractors is always a bonus to any project and helps develop relationships for the project and the customer. In choosing the trades carefully, in conjunction with the project, the delays that can occur on any project are minimized by fostering the cooperation of all parties involved. With many years project management and construction, SELL ENERGY is qualified to determine the amount materials and services needed to bring the project to a successful completion!

We can have  in the website   the following tabs , windows, o sections

Design  and Consulting, ( section or  windows)

Engineering, design , production and supply of power  plants.

EPC, Engineering Procurement and construction of power plants.

Turn key projects.

 PPA, Power Purchasing Agreement

Procurement of alternative energy solutions, wind, solar and thermo.

Geothermal  projects

Example  Waste  to Energy solution

The Organic Rankine cycle (ORC) is named for its use of an organic, high molecular mass fluid with a liquid-vapor phase change, or boiling point, occurring at a lower temperature than the water-steam phase change. The fluid allows Rankine cycle heat recovery from lower temperature sources such as biomass combustion, industrial waste heat, geothermal heat, solar ponds etc. The low-temperature heat is converted into useful work, that can itself be converted into electricity. A prototype was first developed and exhibited in 1961 by solar engineers Harry Zvi Tabor and Lucien Bronicki.

The working principle of the organic Rankine cycle is the same as that of the Rankine cycle: the working fluid is pumped to a boiler where it is evaporated, and then passed through a turbine where it is finally re-condensed.

In the ideal cycle described by the engine’s theoretical model, the expansion is isentropic and the evaporation and condensation processes are isobaric.

 Supply and Procurement ( section or  windows)

WE WILL ASSIST YOUR COMPANY IN SOURCING THE RIGHT EQUIPMENT FOR YOUR PROJECT NEEDS. Once your needs are determined and quantified for the project, SELL ENERGY  will be able to assist in creating the layout for the connection to the electrical grid or the application requiring the power. SELL ENERGY  will assist in the project management of the installation as needed to bring about implementation of your project. In our quest to assist the customer during the project, SELL ENERGY can provide the maintenance and training on the use of the equipment provided.

Procurement power  plants base on   diesel, gas (  dual fuel), fuel oil, steam turbines  from Siemens, Pratt & Whitney,GE, Ansaldo Energy, ABB, Skoda, Fican, Rolls-Royce Bergen, Wartsila, Carterpilar, Hyundai, etc,  you can  visit our main  website for  some  units  we have  available now in the  market new and use.  (  http://www.sell-energy.com/en/)   You can also request  new  units  that are not listed  here.

Our  scope  covers:

 Contracting  ( section or  windows)

We can provide megawatts of power on wheels.

We can provide gas turbines

 We have working relations  in: ( section or  windows)

Venezuela, Dubai, Bulgaria, Spain, Germany, Peru, South Africa, Colombia, Australia, Ghana, Nigeria, England, Angola, etc.

SELL ENERGY with ours associates we can provide solutions in the following directions: ( section or  windows)


Gas Turbine Combined Cycle   

Gas Turbine Combined Heat and Power

Reciprocating Engine Power Plants

Steam Turbine Conversions

Steam System Engineering

Biomass-Power Conversion

Biomass-Biogas Conversion


Solar Thermal Concentration

Power-Plant Revamping

Gas Compressor Repairs

Gas Turbine Repairs

Steam Turbine Repair & Modification


 Plant Inspections

Plant HV and LV Switchgear

Feasibilities for Bank Presentation

Long Term O & M Contracts

HV Transmission, Design & Build

UPGRADING Power‐Line Capacity

 ACSR Replacement with ACCC to Increase HV Power‐Line Capacity

Barge mounted power  Plant

New products

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