New Modular refinery 10K-20k-30k-60K bpd


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We would like the opportunity to discuss
modular refining solutions to solve some of
your local refined product needs, along with
creating income from refined product exports.
We have three USA  manufacturers of
modular refineries that combined have over five
million square feet of  manufacturing space.

Our oldest manufacturer, currently has over 100 operating plants worldwide since
1978. Their modular refineries produce over a 30k bbl (4,769.66 cubic meters) day unit. These 30k bbl
units refine over 1 million gallons a day of refined products and can be operating in 24 months.


94 Global Projects supporting the world's energy needs

Guide projects from inception to commission

Successful projects that generate results

160,000 BPD of client operational capacity since 1995

Full spectrum of engineering disciplines

Modern industry standards

13-acre state of the art manufacturing facility
Advisory Services

modular construction techniques save:
Time: shorter project completion
higher quality
Parallel site and
skid construction
Money: less labor and material
Faster startups
Modern and State of the Art Engineering Tools
Industry leader in Modular Design

Current Offers

20,000 Bbls Refinery   $300,000.00 net profit per day  Cost: $275,000,000.00

30,000 Bbls Refinery  $450,000.00 net profit per day  Cost: $300,000,000.00

60,000 Bbls Refinery  $750,000.00 net profit per day Cost: $550,000,000.00

Sell Energy if offering for sale a crude topping unit complete with all
equipment The attached equipment list gives the equipment included in the sale.
All equipment has been inspected, refurbished and certified. The plant does not have the
heater, piping, valves, field instruments and control system at this time. If the buyer wants, we
can provide these as well and also build it for the customer on customer provided site.
The topping unit was designed with one 20,000 bpd crude tower with two trains of exchangers,
and pumps, each having the capacity of 10,000 bpd. The plant operated the unit only at 10,000
bpd, therefore, the second train was never built. Current capacity of the topping unit is only
10,000 tpd.
All engineering documents are available.
The unit will produce naphtha, diesel and fuel oil. The quantity of each product and the quality
will depend on the crude used.
The unit can be skidded. The crude tower, however, will be field installed.
Give below is the process description and an equipment list is attached.
The Atmospheric crude unit is designed to process 20,000 bpd of API 35 to 37 gravity crude
with no more than 0.9% sulfur to produce naphtha, kerosene (jet fuel), diesel, atmospheric gas
oil and residue. Actual through put may vary depending on the gravity of the crude. The unit
is designed in such a way that it operate at 50% capacity.
The crude is heated from 80oF to 250oF by sending the crude through product exchangers before
it is sent to the deslater where the salt is removed from the crude by electstatic process. The
desalted crude is sent through additional heat exchangers and the crude temperature is raised to
411oF before entering heater.
In the heater, the crude is heated to 640oF and then the crude is sent to flash zone of the crude
tower. Here the crude is fractionated into off gas, naphtha, kerosene, diesel, AGO and resid.
Overhead vapors are cooled and partially condensed in the overhead heat exchanger and air
condenser. Overhead vapors flow to the caustic scrubber and then to the crude heater.
Naphtha is caustic washed and sent to storage. Kerosene and diesel draws are stem stripped with
150 psig steam while the AGO is not. Each stream is cooled with heat exchangers with crude
feed and additional fin-fan coolers and then sent to storage.


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New Modular refinery 10K-20k-30k-60K bpd

New Modular refinery 10K-20k-30k-60K bpd


immediate delivery.

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