Power Barge 250mw Combined Cycle

4 x 50 .5MW

4 x LM 6000 PC Sprint

gas natural


50 hz

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barge 250 mw raj


Key details of the plant:

  • Year of built – The barge was originally commissioned in the year 2001 in Mangalore.
  • Maker – Gas Turbine (GE-USA) , Steam Turbine (Alstom)
  • Type – LM6000 PC sprint aero derivative gas turbine. Gas turbine Generator is open air-cooled, synchronous type and totally enclosed
  • It is a combined cycle plant
  • Alternator Description - two pole  air cooled generator with brushless excitation
  • Running hours / RPM/ Volt/ Hz – [~35,000 hours. Maintenance as per OEM schedule is adhered to. Power plant generates at 11kV and power is evacuated at 220kV @ 50Hz]
  • Plant is under preservation since April 2013. The barge was last started in Aug 2015
  • Keel laying was done in 2000. Initially it was run on Naphtha; Later it was modified to run on Natural gas.
  • The GTs have run an average of about 33000 Hrs. (28000 to 35,000 Hours). Major Overhaul is not for another 18000-15000 hours. (The routine maintenance as per OEM recommendation is done under LTSA)
  • Running hours after any modifications done - About 55000 hours.
  • Marine Survey Report on the Barge - The barge is under certification of ABS. Hence there is o separate survey done by us. However, few potential buyers have carried out the surveys on their own and were satisfied. We encourage the buyers to carry out the marine survey on their own.

 We are expecting a price of 102 Million USD, though the priority for us is a genuine and credible buyer.

We are open to discussions on price.

 - Fuel  used is Natural GasGas
- The gas consumption-is ~1mmscmd full fullload
- The total fresh water equirementis approx .1000 cu .mper day at full fullloadload
- The gas turbines,turbines,TSG’s, steamsteam turbine and their theirauxiliaries auxiliariesauxiliaries are all allmounted mountedon barge .
- Compact Compact Barge of size 106 Mx55 Mx6M  having adraft range 1.8Mto of 5.6M
- The Thebarge barge mounted combined cycle r power plant has ;
− 4nos .50 .5MW -LM 6000 PC Sprint  aero  derivative vegas turbines turbines.
− 4nos .Once  Through Steam  Generators .
− 1no 53 MW rated output steam turbine  and generator .
-  Onshore   facilities are on ~10 acres of landland –  facilities consisting of following  major systems;
−  Switchyard for  Power  , Evacuation, 415 VMCC for DM  Plant etc .
− Fuel treatment and forwarding

− Water Treatment Plant

Features of the Plant

Best In Class  Most Efficient Barge Mounted Plant

Awards • National level Safety, Health and Environment Award
              • Leadership and Excellence in EHS from CII.

Project Implementation

Amenable for fast Relocation (< 12 months)

Attractive Option

• Immediate capacity addition
• Long life – 25 years
• Option of sale / relocation / O & M followed by Asset transfer

Attractive Price  Competitive price Offering

We can also support in Construction
of the plant, BOP and O & M Service

Plant is configured on multiple aero derivative engines and OTSG with dry running capability

Flexibility in operation, loading and quick startup time, efficient part load operation

Better suited for peak load operation

We offer lower cost of Generation

Benefits of Barge Mounted Power
Plant (1/2)

Capacity addition in one go

Single time mobilization &  vastly
reduced land requirement as compared to land based frame machines.

Can meet immediate power needs

Can Be modified to operate
on Liquid Fuel till such time gas is made available

The plant can be set up and commissioned in SC mode in 8 M and CC mode in 12 M

Benefits of Barge Mounted Power
Plant (2/2)

• Dry running capability of the OTSG with
Incoalloy tubes provides
• Open cycle operation
• Quick ramp up to 140 MW in about 45 minutes.
• Best suited for marine environment
• Compact quality power plant that will provide higher reliability and cheaper power.
• The choice and configuration of equipment especially the gas turbine on the barge ensure that
- The efficiency of the power plant will remain
close to its maximum efficiency
while operating over a wide range of
loads and can operate between
25 % to 100 % loads efficiently
- The lowest minimum safe and
sustained level of operation compared
to any land based configuration

- Plant can function as black start
facility in case of grid/system failure
the ramp up rates and shut
down rates for this facility are faster
than  most land based facilities

  1. The Barge mounted Combined Cycle power plant having net power output of 220 MW.

 2. Fuel used will be Natural Gas. Required amount of Natural gas is 1 mmscmd approximately.

 3. The total fresh water requirement is approx. 1000 cu. m per day.

 4. The gas turbines, OTSG’s, steam turbine and their auxiliaries are all mounted on a single floating barge.

 5. Compact Barge of size 106 M x 55 M x 6 M having a total draft of 6 M with minimum onshore facilities required. Minimum draft 3 M is required.

 6. The barge mounted combined cycle power plant (CCPP) has:

 - 4 nos. 50.8 MW- LM6000 PC Sprint aero derivative gas turbines

 - 4 nos. Once Through Steam Generators.

 - 1 no 53 MW rated output steam turbine and generator.

 7. Minimum onshore facilities with following major systems:

 - Switchyard for Power Evacuation, 415V MCC for DM Plant etc.

 - Fuel treatment and forwarding

 - Water Treatment Plant and DM plant

 - Fire Fighting System.

 · Minimum land requirement of about 20 acres for offshore facilities.

 - Foundation is not required for main plant hence reduced construction time.

 - Black start facility for plant start up is available.

 - Main plant systems supplied by reputed OEM’s like GE and ABB.

 - OTSG has dry running capability up to 560 Deg C which is suitable to operate in a simple-cycle mode.

 - Once Through Steam Generator is quick to adjust during sudden fluctuation in load.


- Make – GE

  - Model: LM 6000 PC Sprint

  - Capacity: 50.8 MW

 Installed on Barge


 - Gas turbine Generator is open air-cooled, synchronous type and totally enclosed

  - 5 Stage Low Pressure Compressor – Compression ratio is 2.4:1, 14 Stage High Pressure Compressor – Compression ratio is 12.5:1


- Make – IST, Canada

  - Dual Pressure OTSG installed at the exhaust of the Gas Turbine

  - Steam parameters : Pressure/Temperature

 HP Steam : 56 Bar / 419oC

LP Steam : 4.7 Bar / 240oC

 - Dry Running Capability as the tubes are made of Inco alloy

 Plant Electrical system (Barge Mounted)

- Power is generated at 11 KV and Evacuated at 220 KV

  - 2 Nos. of Step-up transformer 11KV /220KV ( 1 each for 2 Gas turbines) and 1 Step-up transformer for Steam turbine

  - 2 Nos. of Unit Auxiliary transformers for stepping down from 11KV to 6.6 KV for running Plant auxiliaries

  - 4 Nos. of Step-down transformers called Auxiliary Transformers for stepping down the 6.6KV to 415V

 Other Plant Facilities

- Demineralization Plant: Demineralization plant (DM plant) produces de-mineralized water for generating steam in OTSG.

 - Cooling Water System: Cooling Water System suitable for river/sea water which can be connected to Closed Circuit Cooling Water system onshore if required.

 Fire Protection and Fire Detection System The plant fire protection system will consist of the following:

Water Hydrant system (Consisting of six fire water pumps out of which 2 are diesel engine driven and 1 Barge mounted emergency Fire pump (diesel driven))

- High Velocity Water Spray System (HVWS) System

 - Carbon Dioxide Flooding System

 - Portable Fire extinguishers (Water type, Foam type, CO2 gas type, Dry Chemical Powder type extinguishers).

 - Fire detection and alarm system.

 Barge Mounted Power Plant



• These are typical curves for Barge Mounted Power Plant before conversion to sprint version.

 • These Curves are for liquid fuel firing.







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Power Barge 250mw Combined Cycle

Power Barge 250mw Combined Cycle

4 x 50 .5MW

4 x LM 6000 PC Sprint

gas natural


50 hz

Price : any offer is welcome

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