240 mw power plant

60 hz

2500 hours

complet plant

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240 MW Natural Gas Power Plant



A complete gas plant is being made available for sale in  the Reno, NV area. The

Plant consists of 4 ea. 60 MW simple cycle gas turbines (Units 3-­‐6) and

All associated equipment. There are 2 ea. additional, simple cycle exhaust

Systems (turbines/generators Have been removed  from these units).

The plant is currently being maintained on a monthly basis by the owner.

Buyer will be responsible for dismantle and removal of all equipment down to concrete slabs.

There is a rail spur within a few hundred yards of the plant.

Seller will entertain offers on individual, complete turbine systems but would like to refrain from offers

On just specific components on site (i.e. Transformers).


Available Equipment

Gas Turbines (Dual Fuel)

• 2 Westinghouse 501 AA 62 MW gas turbine w/ Westinghouse generator @ 13.8 kV

• 2 Mitsubishi 501AA 64 MW gas turbines w/ Mitsubishi 501G generator @ 13.2 kV

• All turbines @ approximately 2,400 total operating hours • All units were manufactured

In Japan in 1973, sold to a US firm in 2001, and ran sparingly up until 2007

• ME Fog system for turbine inlet cooling @ 36 GPM

• Water injection @ 24-­‐36 GPM for Nox suppression

• Plant Heat Rate 14,600 Btu/Kwh, HHV net.


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240 mw power plant

240 mw power plant

60 hz

2500 hours

complet plant

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