Unused Gas Turbine GE LMS100

1 x Gas turbine LMS 100.

1 unit is 50 hz


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We have a Unused LMS 100 that is 7 – 8 years old.  The unit has never been installed or used and is still in factory packaging, 50 Hz and Natural gas.  Unit has been maintained under OEM supervision.  Warranty has expired due to time but we have arranged to get it reinstated .  Private owner.  We have arranged for GE to refurbish the unit and bring it up to 2016 standards.  As part of this, even though the turbine has never been used, we are going to do an engine exchange for a New engine from GE.  For all intents, this will be the same as a brand new unit from the factory.  Standard delivery package as described.  Full warranty

As shown on our new list, this unit is $28,500,000 as is, where is and includes all the work described above.  

The unit is natural gas and can be converted to Dual fuel but it is $2,900,000 extra.

  Unit can also be converted to 60 Hz for $3,000,000 extra.

The New engine will ship from the US.  Everything else would ship from Europe. 

There would be some land charges for shipping to port in Europe.

Price is very cheap when new price fom GE is approx.. $48 million.

1.         SCOPE OF SUPPLY

1.1 Basic Scope Description

1.a.1 Gas Turbine

It is a 3 spool, hybrid gas turbine, consisting of a low-pressure compressor (LPC). LPC (first six stages) for higher airflow capability, an aero derivative core (consisting of a high-pressure compressor, combustor and high pressure turbine), a new two stage intermediate pressure turbine (IPT) which drives the LPC, and a new 5-stage free power turbine (PT), with the output shaft located aft of the free power turbine (hot end drive). Performance is normally 100 MW with >46 % simple cycle thermal efficiency. The distinguishing element is the intercooler, which is located between the LPC and the high-pressure compressor (HPC). lntercooling reduces HPC work of compression for increased efficiency and increases mass flow capability in the same turbine for increased power.

1.a.2 Generator

The equipment package is supplied with an air cooled, 2-pole, 13.8 kv V (60 Hz) generator located outside of the turbine enclosure and capable of handling the power requirement over a wide ambient temperature range. Fans, mounted on each end of the generator rotor shaft inboard of the bearings, draw air through the generator filter assembly. The cool air is forced through the air gap between the rotors and the stators in the main and exciter housings. The warm air is discharged through the top of the generator housing, directing warm exhaust air back to the air inlet to ensure ice does not collect on the inlet filter. The generator includes a brushless excitation system with a permanent magnet generator, along with neutral and line side cubicles.

1.a.3 Turbine Baseplate

The equipment package is supplied with the support structure for the gas turbine. Full depth cross-rnembers are utilized to provide for a rigid design that is suitable for installation in earthquake areas (IBC 2000) as well as providing a convenient structure for transportation.

1.a.4 lntercooler

The equipment package is supplied with an intercooler system that includes a water cooled heat exchanger, variable bleed valve (VBV), VBV silencer, and interconnect piping and supports. Customer must supply the necessary cooling water from a cooling tower or other source.

1.a.5 Unit Handing and Lineside Cubicle Configuration

In the standard configuration, as viewed from the generator non-driven end, the intercooler is located on the left side of the unit and the engine exhaust is located on the right.

The generator lineside termination cubicle is on the left side and the neutral cubicle is on the right. The generator lineside cubicle is configured for top bus duct entry.

1.a.6 Electro-Hydraulic Start System

The equipment package is supplied with an electric motor driven hydraulic pump assembly, filters, cooler and controls, mounted on the auxiliary equipment module. A hydraulic motor is also mounted on the accessory gearbox. Hydraulic hoses are furnished to connect the auxiliary equipment module and the main baseplate. The standard start cycle is 10 minutes to full load for non-DLE, non-steam injected units utilizing simple cycle exhaust stacks.

1.a.7 Fire Protection System

The equipment package is supplied with a factory installed fire protection system complete with optical flame detection, hydrocarbon sensing and thermal detectors, piping and nozzles in the engine compartment. The fire protection system includes cylinders containing CO2 mounted on a separate module. A 24 V DC battery and charger to power the fire protection system is also included. All alarms and shutdowns are annunciated at the unit control panel. An alarm sounds at the turbine if the gas detectors detect high gas levels, or if the system is preparing to release the CO2. When the system is activated, the package shuts down, the ventilation dampers automatically close, and the CO2 cylinders are discharged into the turbine compartments via multiple nozzles. Auxiliary enclosures, if provided, are equipped with hand held extinguishers.

1.a.8 Battery System

The equipment package is supplied with 24 V DC battery systems for the fire protection and gas turbine generator control systems, as described in those sections. The package is also supplied with o 125 V DC battery system for control cooling backup and a 240 V DC battery system to power the mineral lube oil system DC motor driven backup pump. All battery systems are valve-regulated lead acid (VLRA) type. Battery systems ship loose for indoor customer installation. If the optional Power Control Module is selected,the supplier will install the supplied DC battery systems in that module.


1.a.9 Generator Protective Relays

The equipment package is supplied with a microprocessor-based generator protective relay module, mounted in the turbine control panel. Protective relay system includes functions necessary for protection of the generator.


1.a.10 "On/Off Line" Cleaning and Soak Wash System

The equipment package is supplied with an "on-line" cleaning system, which allows customers to clean the compressor section of the engine during full power operation The same system reservoir and piping are utilized for off-line soak washing. Customer is required to provide purified water meeting MlD-TD-0000-4  and detergent meeting MID-TD-0000-5.


1.a.11 Component Testing and Factory Test for Package

The generator is tested to ANSI C50.14 or IEC 34.3 standards at its factory of manufacture. The core gas turbine (minus LPC, IPT, and PT) is performance tested at a  test facility.The standard factory test for the package is a rigorous static test to confirm:

  • Temperature element output, wiring
  • Transmitter range, output, wiring
  • Solenoid operation
  • Control valve torque motor, excitation, return signal
  • Fire system continuity, device actuation
  • System flushing verification
  • Tubing line continuity and openness (not plugged)

A full speed no load string test is available as an option.

1.b Guarantee Performance:

KW AT GEN TERMS               102937                                   EMlSSlONS ARE VALlD FOR T2 WlTHlN 40-100F

BTU/KW-HR, LHV   8074                                       ANDA GTG LOAD DOWN TO 50%

(KJ/KW-HR, LHV)                   8519                                       NOX: 48 PPMVD AT 15% 02 (98 mg/Nm3)

CO: 108 PPMVD AT 15% 02 (135 mg/Nm3)

BASlS OF GUARANTEE:                                       BASE LOAD, GAS FUEL NOZZLE SYSTEM


ENGINE:                                                   WATER-AIR GAS TURBINE

FUEL:                                                                     20238Btu/lb/(47074 kJ/kg) LHV, GAS FUEL (#900-1676)

FUEL SPEC:                                                           MID-TD-0000-1 LATEST REVlSlON

FUEL TEMP:                                                           MAXlMUM FUEL TEMPERATURE 250'F(121.1°C)

GENERATOR:                                                        BDAX 98-330ER

GENERATOR OUTPUT:                                          13.8kV, 60 Hz

POWER FACTOR:                                  ≥0.85

AMBIENT TEMP:                                                     59.0°F / ( 15.0°C)

AMBIENT RH:                                                         60.0%

INLET CONDITIONING:                                            NONE

ALTITUDE:                                                             164.0ft / (5O.Om)

INLET FILTER LOSS:                                              ≤ 4.00 inH2O /(101.6 mmH2O)

EXHAUST LOSS:                                                   ≤ 6.00 inH2O / (152.4 mmH2O)

NOX CONTROL:                                                     WATER

INJECTION RATE:                                   34904 Ib/hr / (15832kg/hr) ±20% FLOW

INJECTION TEMP:                                   100 *F/(37.8°C)

INTERCOOLER:                                                      COOLlNG WATER SUPPLY TEMP ≤ 85°F / 100% WATER

ENGINE CONDITION:                                              NEW AND CLEAN ≤ 200 SlTE FlRED HOURS



NOX:                                                                       EPA METHOD 20

CO:                                                                        EPA METHOD 10





1.d Noise Guarantee:

The gas turbine is supplied with a weatherproof acoustic enclosure and a removable roof for quick engine removal and replacement. The enclosures cornpletely assernbled and mounted over the turbine baseplate prior to testing and shipment with sound attenuation to an average of 85 dB (A) at 1 m from the face of the equipment at 1.5 m above ground. Near field noise may exceed 85 dB (A) during startup and shutdown modes and/or upset conditions. Far field noise levels will be determined by the design of the customer furnished exhaust silencer or heat recovery system. The turbine compartment is fully ventilated with belt driven fans.

1.e Gas Turbine Estimated Performance:

Not available only for the turbine. We included in next items the whole performance of the Genset (generator + turbine) equipment.

1.f Generator Estimated Performance Specifications.

1.g Performance Curves and Estimated Generator Data.

See Graphics attached.


1.h. Plan operating Philosophy.

The turbine was designed to reach maximum loads in ten minutes and it could be used by peak or at base load.

1.i Scope, Limits, and Exclusion of Supply.

1.i.1 Limits of Scope

Listed below are the limits/exclusions to the  standard Scope of Supply. All piping, wiring, cables, ducts, etc. connecting to these points is furnished by customer (others) unless modified by specification agreement.

Equipment System

Limits of  Energy Scope

All piping, including fuel Gas, fuel Oil, Steam, cooling Water, Heating Water, Demineralized Water, Lube Oil, Compressed Air, lnstrument Air,

Hydraulic Start Oil

Flanged or threaded connection on baseplate.


lnlet Air-to-Filter

 Atmosphere (non-standard duct by others)

Turbine Package Ventilation / cooling Air

 Atmosphere (non-standard duct by others)

Turbine Exhaust

Exhaust flange on main baseplate

Instruments on Baseplate

Terminal box on baseplate

Instrument wiring in Turbine Control Panel

Terminal in Turbine Control Panel

High Voltage Connections

Bus Bar in Lineside Cubicle

Generator Ground Connections

Neutral Cubicle

Electric Motors

Terminal box on individual motor

Ladders and Platforms for Air Filter

Ladders and Platforms for Inlet Air Filter maintenance only

24 V DC Batteries and chargers for control System and Fire and Gas Systems

Battery terminals to baseplate (if supplied loose)


1.i.2. Exclusions

Material and Labor furnished by others (unless specifically included in Scope of Supply):

-Civil engineering design of any kind

-Building and civil works

-Site facilities

-Support steelworks and hangers for the gas turbine ducting, silencing, and pipe work that is not supplied by -All inlet, exhaust, and ventilation ducting other than included in the scope ofSupply

-Drains and/or vent piping from the gas turbine package to a remote point

-Fuel storage, heating, treatment and forwarding system

-site grounding

-Lightning protection

-Power systems study

-Sensing and metering voltage transformers

-Machine power transformers, and associated protection

-Grid failure detection equipment

-Off-loading, transportation, or storage

-Off-skid cabling, and design of off-skid cable routing

-Balance of plant and energy optimization controls

Anchor bolts, embedments, and grouting

-Distributed plant control

-Customer's remote control

-High voltage transformer(s), cables, and associated equipment

-Plant utilities, including compressed air supply and off-skid piping

-Lube oil measurement other than that defined in the scope of supply

-Additional lube oil breather ducting other than that defined in the scope of supply

-Fuel transfer pump

-Off-skid fuel block and vent valves

-Fuel supply pipe work beyond the scope of supply

-Generator controls other than .that defined in the scope of supply

-Field Performance Testing

-Site Labor

-Ladders, Stairs, and Platforms (except those for lnlet Air Filter and Vent Fans)

-BOP control for equipment by others

-Cooling water supply

-Fuel, fluids, and chemicals for gas turbine generator set

-Field Supervision (quoted separately)

-Instrument air

-Auxiliary Power Transformer(s)


1.j Description of Gas Turbine and Mechanical Auxiliary Equipment.

Described in 2.a

1.k Instrumentation

The equipment package is supplied with a freestanding MK Vle control panel mounted in the modular control room (if Power Control Module option is selected). The control system features an integrated electronic fuel management system with a PLC based programmable sequencer, vibration monitor, digital multi-meter, digital generator protective relay module and an HMI (human machine interface) display of key discrete and analog data. The operator selects HMI displays with convenient touch screen control. Alarm and shutdown events are displayed on the HMI automatically. An Ethernet TCP/IP EGD or RS485 Modbus Port is provided to transmit unit conditions (status, pressures, temperature, etc.) to the Owner's distributed control system. An optional printer can be furnished to provide hard copy records. Power for the control panel is provided by a dedicated 24 V DC battery system with dual 100% capacity chargers.

1.l Air Inlet and Exhaust Gas System

2.l.1 Air Inlet: The equipment package is supplied with a high efficiency self cleaning filtration system. This design results in a compact arrangement arid eliminates the need for customer supplied inlet ducting when the standard design is utilized. Internal lighting of the filter house is provided to facilitate inspection and service. The package is also supplied with platforms and ladders to service the inlet filter. These items are packaged separately for shipment. Special or customized filter arrangements can be supplied, and they are quoted on an individual basis.

1.l. Turbine Exhaust

The equipment package is supplied with a rectangular exhaust outlet with connection flange to facilitate mounting of the exhaust system.

1.m Off- base Machanical Auxiliaries:

Not included in the contract.

1.n Fuel System design conditions:

The equipment package is supplied with a natural gas system using an electronically controlled fuel-metering valve. For full load operation, the gaseous fuel must be supplied to the baseplate at 960±20 psig (66±1.4 barg). All necessary shutoff valves, piping and instruments between baseplate connection and the engine are included. Gas fuel must meet specification MID-TD-0000-1

The equipment could be adapted in order to function using liquid fuel, and the supplier must do this adaptation.

1.o Lube Oil Systems

The equipment package is supplied with two separate lube oil systems: one synthetic lube oil system (gas turbine core & intermediate pressure turbine) and one mineral lube oil system (generator, low pressure compressor & power turbine).

The synthetic lube oil system is located on the turbine baseplate. The reservoir, supply and return piping are all stainless steel, and the lube oil system valves have stainless steel trim. Drains are carbon steel. Synthetic Oil must meet Specification MlD-TD-0000-6

The mineral lube oil cooler, oil reservoir, and filters for each system are mounted on an auxiliary equipment module located next to the gas turbine baseplate. The auxiliary equipment module provides simplified piping connections and reduces installation time and costs. The mineral lube oil reservoir and all drains are carbon steel. Mineral lube oil must meet ISO VG 32. Each lube oil system has duplex filters, simplex shell and tube coolers, and thermostatically-controlled electric heaters. Customer must supply the necessary cooling water.

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Unused Gas Turbine GE LMS100

Unused Gas Turbine GE LMS100

1 x Gas turbine LMS 100.

1 unit is 50 hz


New ,No used


Available in United State

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